Portal Engine - HAPI

As of September 2019

The portal engine can convert HTML snippets into API calls to dynamically load data, essentially giving you server side programming with straight up HTML and PeopleVine data or sombrero {@ @} tags. Below are common uses of this technology:

Leverage these HTML tags inline to a DIV, span, etc.

  • Outer Block - this is the wrapper for the element to be displayed
    • data-pv-component - this is used to identify which PeopleVine component you are loading data for.
    • data-pv-type - this signifies the type of content to load on the screen, typically a repeater or form.
    • data-pv-id - used to load a specific resource on the page e.g. a specific product, event or content snippet. Otherwise it will pull from the query string parameters.
    • data-pv-parameters - you can place a JSON parsed string in here to query through the data (see API)
      • You can also access referenceTypes passed in by using {@referenceType.survey@} which will bring back the survey_no of the submission
    • data-pv-object - will automatically place the data object in a <script> tag for javascript purposes

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